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Registration Categories


.....Please read carefully the notes below for entitlement criteria and inclusions pertaining to each category.

.....Your name badge type will reflect the category chosen.

.....Please read the terms and conditions carefully before completing the on-line registration form.

.....Pre-registration is now available at On-Site registration Fees and will continue to be available till 30th Jan 2012.

.....Payment can only be made by credit card, or on-site at the time of badge collection.


Registration Fees

.....All fees are quoted in United States Dollars (USD).



1st Early Bird

2nd Early Bird

On Site



31 - Jul - 11

15 - Dec - 11

15 - Dec - 11


..International Ophthalmologists



US$ 650



..Ophthalmologists from MEACO Region



US$ 400

(1) (2)


..Ophthalmology Residents *



US$ 300

(3) & (5)


..Scientists / Medical doctors



US$ 500



..Healthcare Professionals



US$ 500






US$ 300



..Allied Health (Nurses / Technicians / Orthoptists)



US$ 200



..NGO Administrator



US$ 200



..Medical Students



US$ 200

(3) & (6)


..Exhibition Visitors



US$ 250



..Accompanying Persons



US$ 150

see below


.....Please read below Terms and Conditions for corresponding Notes.


.Terms and conditions


Important Notes

Please refer to below notes for details of entitlement and inclusions. Registration fees include only items detailed in the Notes below. Items and activities which are not availed by the delegate cannot be reimbursed.

Note 1:
Only ophthalmologists working and residing in the MEACO member countries please see list below are entitled to the MEACO member discounted fee. If the information provided in your profile about your residence or country of practice, is not accurate, you will be automatically charged the International Ophthalmologist fee.
Note 2:
Registration fees include: Access to all official WOC2012 scientific sessions from 17-20 February 2012, unless specified otherwise; Access to the subspecialty day sessions on 16 February 2012; Access to the Opening Ceremony; Delegate bags; CME certificate of attendance; Access to the Exhibition.

Note 3:
Registration fees include: Access to all official WOC2012 scientific sessions from 17-20 February 2012, unless specified otherwise; Access to the subspecialty day sessions on 16 February 2012; Access to the Opening Ceremony; CME certificate of attendance; Access to the Exhibition.

Note 4:
Registration fees include: Access to the Opening Ceremony; Access to the Exhibition from 16-20 February 2012.

Note 5:
Applicable only for registrants up to 35 years of age and with proof of being actively enrolled in a current residency program.

Note 6:
Copy of student ID to prove enrollment in a full time study course may be required.

Note 7:
Registration fees include: Access to all official WOC2012 scientific sessions from 17-20 February 2012, unless specified otherwise; Access to the subspecialty day sessions on 16 February 2012; Access to the Opening Ceremony; Access to the Exhibition. CME Certificate not included; A letter on the NGO letterhead must be emailed to
pco@woc2012.org to confirm the delegate's status of employment and position within the organization.


MEACO Member Contries

MEACO Members are ophthalmologists working and residing in the Middle East or Africa, which includes:

Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo - Democratic Republic of, Congo - Republic of, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tanzania - Republic of, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Registration and payment

.....Registration fees vary according to the payment reception period. If the payment is made after the deadline of
......the selected period, the registration fee of the following period will be applicable and the difference will be
......invoiced for immediate payment.

.....According to the regulation of the United Arab Emirates as per March 2011, VAT is not applicable on
......registration fees
......WOC2012 reserves the right to amend the charges quoted should the VAT rate be applied before February

.....Upon successful payment, registrants will receive a receipt which serves as the confirmation of registration to
......the event. No registration can be confirmed without payment.

.....Delegates without a proof of payment will not be allowed to participate in the Congress.


Form of payment

Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. Payment can either be made online by credit card or on site.


Payment deadlines

....Registrations received before 30 July 2011 must be paid in full by 30 July 2011 in order to receive the 1 early
.....bird registration discount.

....Registrations received between 30 July 2011 and 15 December 2011 must be paid in full by 15 December 2011
.....in order to receive the 2 early bird discount.

....Registrations requests received after 15 December 2011 can be paid for by ciredit card till 30th January 2012 or
.....on site and full onsite registration fees will apply.

....Failure to adhere to these deadlines will result in your registration being automatically cancelled and the need to
......reregister for the Congress.


Accompanying Persons

.....Accompanying person registration include invitation to the Opening Ceremony and access to the Exhibition only.

.....Accompanying person registration does NOT allow access to the scientific sessions.

.....Accompanying persons can be spouses or husbands or immediate family members (not fellow employees).

.....Only one accompanying person per delegate can be registered online.

.....Should you wish to register additional accompanying people please email pco@woc2012.org


Cancellation and substitution

....If a delegate cannot attend the Congress, WOC2012 can accept a substitute colleague before
.....16th January 2012. After this date cancellation fees will apply.

....Requests for substitutions will only be accepted by e-mail to pco@woc2012.org indicating the cancelled delegate
.....and the substitute. The substitute must be from the same organization.

.....If a delegate has to cancel his/her registration before 15th December 2011, the full registration fee will be
.......reimbursed (less applicable administrative cost of USD 75 for International and MEACO Region
.....Ophthalmologists, Scientists, Medical Doctors (non-ophthalmologists), Residents, Optometrists and Exhibition
.....Visitors and USD 50 for Students, Nurses, Technicians and Accompanying Person).

.....100% cancellation charges will be applied for cancellations received after 15th December 2011.

.....No-shows will not qualify for a refund of registration fees.

.....Should the delegate not be granted UAE visa for reasons beyond his/her control, the registration fee will be
.......reimbursed (less bank charges) provided he/she can present a written proof by 01st February 2012.

.....Reimbursement will not be given for early termination of attendance.

.....These rules are also applicable for cancellation of social events tickets purchased.



....Acceptance of the terms and conditions above constitutes a legally binding contract under UAE law.

....WOC2012 accept no responsibility for the views or opinions as expressed by the speakers, chairman,
.....moderators or any other persons at the event.

....WOC2012 is required to inform the participants that they should abide by the local UAE law and local customs.
......Please note that delegates with inappropriate attire might not be allowed into the congress venue.

....WOC 2012 and its agents reserve the right to alter without prior notice, any of the arrangements, time-tables,
.....plans or other items relating to the Congress, for any cause beyond its reasonable control. WOC 2012, its
.....agents and organizers are not liable for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of such alteration.
......In the event of unforeseen circumstances, WOC 2012, its agents and organizers will not accept responsibility
......for loss of monies caused by delays.

....Participants are advised to take out personal travel insurance and to extend their policy to cover personal
.....possessions. The Congress does not cover individuals against cancellations of bookings, theft or damage to

....WOC2012 will do its utmost effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented online in regards to the
.....program, speakers, and participants. However, it will not be liable in the unexpected event that a speaker does
.....not attend the meeting. It also reserves the right "in extreme circumstances" to change the time and venue of
.....the meeting.

....In the event of a force majeure, WOC2012 reserves the right to cancel the meeting as per industry recognized


For further inquiries, please contact

Meeting Minds FZ LLC

Dubai Media City
Shatha Tower Office Suite 3113
P.O.Box 502464
Tel : 9714 4270492
Fax : 9714 4270493
E-mail: pco@woc2012.org


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