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Gourmet Abu Dhabi

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Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012

All WOC 2012 delegates are eligible for a 10% discount off tickets
for Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012’s exciting events.

Please kindly provide code: WOC2012 upon reservation and delegates
must present their WOC registration badge upon arrival at Gourmet
Abu Dhabi events.

For bookings and more information on the events, please go to
www.gourmetabudhabi.ae or contact the reservation hotline
at 9712 418 1401.


Gourmet Abu Dhabi was conceived to serve as a focal point in the emirate’s drive to be internationally-recognised
as a leading global gastronomy destination. With an operational mandate to foster increased service standards
in the food and beverage industry, the event incorporates industry-leading restaurants as well as new additions
to Abu Dhabi’s rapidly maturing fine dining scene.

As the event has evolved, it has also been used to highlight the increasingly diverse fine dining options available
across the emirate’s world-class portfolio of hotels. More recently, Gourmet Abu Dhabi has been utilised as a vehicle
to promote traditional Emirati cuisine and cooking techniques to participating international masterchefs and diners.

About Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012

Now in its fourth year, the extended 16-day gastronomic event brings together culinary experts from around the world
and features a star-studded cast of master chefs, celebrities and special guests serving up a culinary feast across 20 host
venues.Running February 8-23, Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012 will welcome 18from 12 countries - with 25 Michelin stars between
them - in a range of 50-plus events, including free-to-attend(including three ladies' only classes),dinners, special themed dinners, château dinners and the ever-popular Gourmet Golf Experience.

The event’s traditional curtain call, the Gourmet Abu Dhabi Stars Awards - the ‘Oscars’ of the local hospitality industry –
is also returning to reward individuals and restaurants deemed to have most significantly contributed to the evolution
of the domesticscene.

New additions for 2012 include a special ‘Scottish Dinner’, a ‘Cheese Dinner’ and ‘Comedian Night’.

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